"The Only Way  I'll See Another Doctor is if I'm in the Back of an Ambulance"

Find out how a professional fighter stays at the top of his game with the help of Dr. Weeks

Urlike C.

Dr. Shannon Weeks is a wonderful doctor. Very insightful and caring for a patient’s needs. Dr. Weeks has helped me to improve my general health as well as solve specific problems. I have recommended him to many friends who agree that he is one of a kind.

Urlike C.

I have seen Dr. Weeks several times and each time he offers a new perspective on my injuries/ailments and gives concrete advice on how to get my body to it’s optimal place of healing. I have recommended Dr. Weeks to several friends and family. Thanks!

Always the perfect balance between science and open mindedness!

Dr. Weeks is excellent–he has diagnosed my health problems and conditions very accurately and led me to outstanding better health through his advice, knowledge and counsel.


Shannon is an outstanding practitioner. He is clear, concise, enthusiastic, and empathetic. I sincerely appreciate is concern for my overall well-being, not just my physical health. He has been crucial to my increased feeling of wellness.


He’s awesome. He explains everything in great detail, and he’s very thorough with his questions and responses. I feel confident he’ll be able to help me.