Cavemen Don’t Get Fibromyalgia

It is not uncommon for patients to show up in my office with a list of symptoms and medications a yard long.  Where does one start in addressing the cause of so many symptoms?  For me it starts with the diet.  In fact, except for acute cases, I rarely send anyone home with supplements or…

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Have You Got ICV?

ileocecal valve syndrome

  Have you ever awakened with a headache for no reason at all? Do you have dark circles under your eyes or ringing in your ears? Do you suffer from bursitis or carpal tunnel syndrome?  Do you enjoy eating popcorn, nuts, and seeds? If so you could be suffering from ileocecal valve syndrome (ICV). The…

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The Devil in the Fructose

I recently saw a fantastic lecture titled, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” given by Dr. Robert Lustig professor of pediatrics at UCSF. I will try to summarize the basic points here but, if you have the time, I highly recommend watching it. There is an epidemic of obesity in our country not only in adults but in children…

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Got Illness?

Where to begin in discussing milk and dairy products?  This is a category of food (along with sugar and wheat) that I strongly suggest to my patients that they avoid in general. The list of health problems associated with dairy is long and well researched but the reasons why are not always clear. There are…

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Yes, It Really Is That Bad For You

It seems redundant to write about the dangers of artificial sweeteners yet the consumption of sugar substitutes still continues in great quantity. A simple google of the side effects of aspartame turns up more than you would ever want to know about theses poisonous food additives. Aspartame is sold under the brand names Nutrasweet (Monsanto…

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