My Podcast Interview on Travel Like a Boss.

Dr. Aleis Shields

Since moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand, Alexis and I have met a great group of expats. One of them is my good friend Johnny Thejen, who has a great podcast called Travel Like a Boss. Johnny has been traveling to Thailand for years and recently quit his job and set up an online business so…

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Blood Sugar Tuesdays

  Maintaing healthy blood sugars is key to good health. I have found that stabilizing blood sugar is the first step in healing people of chronic ailments. Unfortunately  so much of the diet advice given today leads to high blood sugars. I decided to try some experiments to see how many of the so called “healthy”…

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Do Vegans Get Heart Disease?

    I’ve hear this question more than once from patients and acquaintances and the short answer is yes, vegans get heart disease. Heart disease is an equal opportunity afflicter and vegans are just as prone to it as any one else. One of the reasons I think this question has come up more often…

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What Happened To Our Food?

Thirteen years ago I visited a doctor who told me for the first time that I was sensitive to wheat and dairy, and that I should also avoid soy, corn, and for that matter most grains.  Considering myself fairly health conscious (I thought) this came as a big surprise to me.  At the time I…

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My Cholesterol Rant

Cholerterol Cartoon

Learn the truth about cholesterol and statin drugs.

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