Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.6- Paleo Pancakes vs. Oatmeal

I was fortunate to have my friend, Dr. Walters in town to do some comparisons for different breakfasts. I found this delicious cocunut flower pancake recipe online and was curious to see how coconut flour would affect blood sugars. I find many of my patients eat oatmeal for breafast, so I found a recipe from The…

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Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.5- The American Diabetes Association Approved This Breakfast

The importance of breakfast cannot be overstated. Sadly, for most Americans, the most important meal of the day has become the most carb-laden as well.  Waking up and having your morning muffin and latte is a sure way to set you up for the inevitable 2:00 pm crash, which usually leads to more coffee or…

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Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.4- Going Out

Healthy Blood Sugar

  Eating out can often be a challenge for people who are starting out on a Paleo diet. Going out to eat is one of my favorite things to do and I find that most restaurants ofter healthy substitutions (especially here in Portland). Breakfast in America tends to be fairly starch heavy, but if you…

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Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.3- Eggs


    Eggs have been getting some press lately because of a new study out of Canada published in the journal Atherosclerosis. The summary of the study was this: Our findings suggest that regular consumption of egg yolk should be avoided by persons at risk of cardiovascular disease. This hypothesis should be tested in a prospective…

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Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.2- The Bagel

According to Dr. Davis, author of  “Wheat Belly”, modern wheat is a “perfect chronic poison.” and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve mentioned his book before but it bears repeating. If you eat wheat or is someone who has been covinced that whole grains are a health food then I highly recommend it. How could our “daily bread”…

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