Morwakee Hilltribe Clinic

My fiancé Dr. Alexis Shields and I had the opportunity to treat a hill tribe village in Northern Thailand a few months ago. The people of this village were mostly Burmese refugees who had very little access to health care. It was a truly wonderful experience and we hop to return there next year. Dr.…

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Million Dollar Adjustment.

Dr. Shannon Weeks

I had the privilege of being back on my friend Johnny’s podcast recently. Johnny was interested in finding out what kind of treatments I did, so we scheduled a session and talked about his experience on his recent podcast.  Johnny had never heard of Applied Kinesiolgy before and didn’t trust chiropractors, but he was an…

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Podcast Follow Up

Chiang Mai Expat Doctor

Our friend Johnny does a quick follow up a few weeks after our first podcast. Life’s been good to us in Chiang Mai!

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My Podcast Interview on Travel Like a Boss.

Dr. Aleis Shields

Since moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand, Alexis and I have met a great group of expats. One of them is my good friend Johnny Thejen, who has a great podcast called Travel Like a Boss. Johnny has been traveling to Thailand for years and recently quit his job and set up an online business so…

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Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.6- Paleo Pancakes vs. Oatmeal

I was fortunate to have my friend, Dr. Walters in town to do some comparisons for different breakfasts. I found this delicious cocunut flower pancake recipe online and was curious to see how coconut flour would affect blood sugars. I find many of my patients eat oatmeal for breafast, so I found a recipe from The…

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